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Audiotechnique magazine, Feb 2020

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Audiotechnique magazine, Feb 2020 - MERGING+CLOCK U

MERGING+PLAYER, +POWER AND +CLOCK-U - Digital meets analogue
Werner Ero, Music Emotion magazine, May 2019

Due to the greatly increased availability of network players, it is increasingly difficult for manufacturers to distinguish themselves in other ways. As a result, some adopt high-profile advertising campaigns, while the others jump on the train with the most options per square centimetre. The Swiss company, Merging Technologies has taken a different approach and, at the request of many, finally made the bold step to let the demanding audio consumer enjoy the quality of their renowned professional studio products. The MERGING+NADAC D/A converter introduced in 2015 was the first successful aptitude test. But the company wanted more and was also technically capable of achieving an even higher level of quality. The digital trio +PLAYER, +POWER and +CLOCK-U, presented in this test, is therefore designed to present the highest resolution and the most uncoloured realism of the moment.

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Door het sterk gestegen netwerkspeler aanbod, is het voor fabrikanten een toenemend lastige opgave om zich nog ergens mee te kunnen onderscheiden. Daardoor zoekt de één het in nadrukkelijk profilerende reclamecampagnes, terwijl de ander op de trein springt van de meeste mogelijkheden per vierkante centimeter. Het Zwitserse Merging Technologies heeft het anders aangepakt en op veler verzoek uiteindelijk de gedurfde stap gemaakt om ook de veeleisende audioconsument van de kwaliteit van hun befaamde professionele studioproducten te laten genieten. De in 2015 geïntroduceerde Merging NADAC D/A-converter was de eerste succesvolle proeve van bekwaamheid. Maar het bedrijf wilde meer en was ook technisch in staat om een zelfs nog hoger kwaliteitsniveau te realiseren. Het in deze test gepresenteerde digitale trio +PLAYER, +POWER en +Clock-U, is dan ook ontworpen om de allerhoogste informatiedichtheid en het meest ongekleurde realisme van dit moment neer te zetten.

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Music Emotion - May 2019 - MERGING+PLAYER, +POWER AND +CLOCK-U - Digital meets analogue

Merging Technology NADAC + Player and NADAC + Power Active
Mike Girardi, stereotimes.com, January 2019

Merging Technologies is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of high-resolution digital audio recording systems over the last 25 years. Merging Technologies was founded in 1990 in Chexbres, Switzerland by Claude Cellier; an electronics graduate of the Institute of Technology in Lausanne and who formerly was employed by the Swiss audio maker Nagra. Not long after the formation of Merging, Merging developed their Pyramix Virtual Studio which was one of the first companies to produce a DSD recording system. Merging Technologies has been developing solutions for DSD since the inception of the Super Audio CD in 1999 and has been delivering ever-improving DSD recording and processing systems for the professional audio community. The DXD format, (Digital eXtreme Definition) which works at 352.8kHz/24bit, was developed by Merging Technologies in collaboration with Philips, to overcome the challenges in editing and mastering DSD for SACD.

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stereotimes.com - January 2019 - Merging Technology NADAC + Player and NADAC + Power Active

Le CNA réseau NADAC de Merging Technologies
Michel Forbes, Quebecaaudio.com, August 2018

La reproduction des fichiers dématérialisée à son pinacle

La réputation mondiale des compagnies suisses dans le domaine de l’audio n’est plus à faire. Les marques telles Nagra, Revox, Goldmund, Jean Maurer, FM Acoustics et autres évoquent à elles seules la précision ainsi qu’une certaine forme de prestige. Le NADAC de Merging Technologies ne fait pas exception. Son design industriel soigné est directement inspiré des appareils offerts dans le domaine professionnel de l’enregistrement audionumérique. L’acronyme NADAC se décortique ainsi Network Attached Digital to Analog Converter. C’est justement l’utilisation de la réseautique qui différencie, à priori, le NADAC de ses compétiteurs. Vous avez bien compris, nous ne retrouvons aucune connectivité USB sur ce DAC. Vous êtes intrigué ? La lecture de cet article vous éclairera sur ce convertisseur hors du commun.

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www.quebecaudio.com - August 2018 - Le CNA réseau NADAC de Merging Technologies

Merging Technology Player + Power
Jason Kennedy, The Ear, March 2018

Originally the Swiss brand brought out the NADAC network attached DAC, essentially a digital to analogue converter with a network connection that meant you could send music data to it over Ethernet. Their next step was to create the Merging Player which is nearly identical to a NADAC except that it has a network streamer onboard, it has the same casework and name on the front but extra electronics inside. More recently they have released an external power supply for both NADAC and Player called logically enough, Power.

Merging come from a pro audio background, they build the Pyramix multi-track recording system which they have been making for over 25 years, their speciality is DSD, a format that has always been rare in the studio environment. The NADAC grew out of the Pyramix Hapi and Horus converters but comes in considerably more lavish attire and with numerous refinements, including in the case of the Player a Roon Core which is effectively a PC that runs Roon software and gives end users an control app that is very hard to beat.

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The ear - March 2018 - Merging Technology Player + Power