Dear NADAC Fans and Supporters,

It is with heavy hearts that we must declare that the MERGING NADAC product range will no longer be available.

We have unfortunately been facing, like many other manufacturers, the component crisis over the last years, meaning that many key components are no longer possible to source.

We faced a situation where we would have to redesign basically all NADAC products and this task was considered too big in regard to the new general directions of Merging as part of the Sennheiser group. As you all know our roots are in Pro audio and we chose to focus on those who make all those great recordings you are all enjoying every day rather than the equipment reproducing it.

However, there has been significant work deployed to develop a new range of products and we are happy to announce that we have found people who, with great passion and knowledge, will continue the NADAC quest. Our long-term partner Merging Fidelity, now operating under the name Master Fidelity, has now officially taken over with the new NADAC range.

A completely redesigned NADAC D and NADAC C will be officially launched at this year’s High End Munich in Master Fidelity room at the Mariott hifideluxe Studio 3 from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th May 2024.

Please come discover the new NADAC D and NADAC C, and refer in the future for any information about this range to Master Fidelity at:


Merging Technologies wants to stress that, while manufacturing is discontinued, Merging will maintain full support of the original NADAC range including also warranty and non-warranty repairs.

For existing NADAC, PLAYER, POWER and CLOCK products, please continue referring to your local sales partner and to Merging Technologies at:


Merging Technologies

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Email: nadac@merging.com

Company website: merging.com

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