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Merging Technologies has been blessed with customers who feel that recording quality is of paramount importance. This has been true from the early days of our involvement with professional audio products. It stepped up a pace when SACDs were launched and continues today with Pure Audio Blu-ray discs capable of providing great surround music content. This means that there is now a large archive of true Hi-Res Audio material on DSD & DXD. Increasingly, our partners have been making these files available for download on a rapidly expanding number of sites. Hi-Res streaming is just starting in those countries with sufficiently fast broadband networks.

As a MERGING+NADAC owner, this provides an ideal source of recordings that truly allow you to hear what the artists and musicians intended. Merging is in a unique position to be able to partner with our many friends to spread the word about the wealth of content that is already available and that is being produced daily.

  • “The best DAC disappears behind the best Recordings !“
    Dominique Brulhart
    Merging Technologies, Switzerland
  • “When we I first experienced the Merging Horus converters I knew It was what I wanted to use. Why? Because I didn't hear it, I heard the music !”
    Dan Shores
    Sono Luminus, USA
  • “Regarding the Horus, I'd tell you that it has replaced all other converters in my studio and that itself is a substantial feat.”
    Graemme Brown
    Zen Mastering, Canada
  • “The Hapi converters have been a fantastic upgrade in my production quality: recording, editing, mixing, mastering. The superb imaging, sound stage, and transparency have brought our productions up to the highest level. To know that the Merging MERGING+NADAC is now available offering the same quality in D/A as I’m using in the studio for the listener is just awesome...”
    Neal Harris
    Synergistic Audio Services, USA
  • “DXD on the Horus; there are no digital artifacts. It’s the best digital format "I’ve never heard" !”
    Mikkel Nymand
    DPA Microphones, Denmark
  • “It is absolutely staggering how all Merging converters combine the highest possible audio quality with the ultimate flexibility in workflow..”
    Bert van der Wolf
    Spirit Of Turtle, Netherlands
  • “It’s a solid jury to tell me whether my miking is correct or not.”
    Mick Sawaguchi
    Unamas Records, Japan
  • “Merging Technologies makes superb equipment... the converters in the Horus/Hapi are clean and transparent, and the accompanying Pyramix software works like a dream: powerful and stable. Bravo Merging ! Thank you !”
    Bob Attiyeh
    Yarlung Records, USA
  • “I’ve been working with many converters like the Sphinx by Merging and many others and then had an amazing experience with the Horus. I did some orchestral and choir recordings with it in Stereo, Surround and Auro3D. The transparency, pure sound and depth it gives in a DSD or DXD recording makes you, as a listener, believe you are truly there. For me Pyramix in conjunction with Horus is the best audio equipment since we left analogue.”
    Jos Boerland
    Aliud Records, Netherland

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