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Merging Technology Player + Power
Jason Kennedy, The Ear, March 2018

Originally the Swiss brand brought out the NADAC network attached DAC, essentially a digital to analogue converter with a network connection that meant you could send music data to it over Ethernet. Their next step was to create the Merging Player which is nearly identical to a NADAC except that it has a network streamer onboard, it has the same casework and name on the front but extra electronics inside. More recently they have released an external power supply for both NADAC and Player called logically enough, Power.

Merging come from a pro audio background, they build the Pyramix multi-track recording system which they have been making for over 25 years, their speciality is DSD, a format that has always been rare in the studio environment. The NADAC grew out of the Pyramix Hapi and Horus converters but comes in considerably more lavish attire and with numerous refinements, including in the case of the Player a Roon Core which is effectively a PC that runs Roon software and gives end users an control app that is very hard to beat.

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The ear - March 2018 - Merging Technology Player + Power

Music in the Round #90: Merging+Player PL8
Kal Rubinson, Stereophile, March 2018

Merging Technologies' smart solution is to put the player in the DAC. The Merging+Player, available in stereo and eight-channel versions, is a complete music player in a single box that requires only amps and speakers (or only powered speakers) to play any files stored anywhere on a home network. While the eight-channel Merging+NADAC costs $11,500, the eight-channel Merging+Player PL8 is priced at $13,500 and requires the purchase of a Roon subscription. Externally it's identical to the DAC, save for the addition of two USB Type A jacks for attached drives.

Installation consists of connecting: the analog output cables, RCA and/or XLR, to your power amps; an RJ45-terminated Ethernet cable to the Merging+Player RJ45 jack and your home network; and the AC power cable to player and wall. Switch it on and the Merging+Player is ready to go—but how to control it? Its bright, tiny screen and built-in controls serve only to configure the hardware, choose among inputs, and control volume.

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Stereophile - March 2018 - Music in the Round #90: Merging+Player PL8

Kunst der Profis
Andreas Günther, Stereoplay, Jan 2018

Der Markt boomt: Stetig wachsen neue Streaming-Player nach. Doch nur die wenigsten haben, was Nadac einbringen kann: einen professionellen StudioAusstatter im Hintergrund. Klanglich sind wir in den höchsten Weihen daheim.

Die Schweizer statten die feinsten Tonstudios aus: mit komplexen “Digital Audio Workstations“ unter dem Logo Pyramix. Mehr geht nicht in der professionellen Sparte. Doch das hier angesammelte Wissen wäre zu schade, würde es nicht auch an die Fans weitergereicht.

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Stereoplay - Jan 2018 - Kunst der Profis

Alan Sircom, www.hifiplus.com, Oct 2017

The MERGING+PLAYER with an iPad is suddenly transformed into a complete digital hub and all your music is hanging from that hub. This comes because the program Merging itself used to drive the original NADAC is replaced by Roon, and the big feather in the MERGING+PLAYER’s cap is full Roon-ready capacity. Without the ‘+PLAYER’ part, this is a very fine DAC, but with it, it is a complete and extremely potent audio server.

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Hifi+ Oct 2017 - NADAC+PLAYER Server

A Conversation About Network Audio, AES67, Ravenna, and Merging Technologies
Chris Connaker, computeraudiophile.com, 29 June 2017

At the Munich High End show this year, I talked to Merging Technologies' Dominique Brulhart about network audio, AES67, Ravenna, and many other items. Needless to say, I learned wait a bit and was really impressed by what is happening in this area of HiFi. After our conversation I asked Dominique if he would be willing to help educate the CA Community on all of this stuff. Dom was 100% on-board and agreed that we didn't even have to discuss Merging Technologies products, as long as we could educate the community.

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Werner Ero, hifi.nl, 17 MEI 2017

Nee hè, niet alweer een DAC test! Waarschijnlijk is dit één van de eerste gedachten die bij u naar boven borrelen bij het zien van bovenstaand intro. Het is een kreet die ik zelf ook heel goed kan voorstellen. Vooral doordat tijdens het spreekwoordelijk ‘als paddenstoelen uit de grond schieten’ van de productgroep digitaal naar analoog converters, er tegelijkertijd ook helaas een te grote eenvormigheid in klank is ontstaan. De NADAC van het Zwitserse Merging Technologies is gelukkig anders. Anders qua concept, anders qua gebruikte technologie en positief afwijkend als product. Maak kennis met een concept dat hoogstaande technologie, uitgebreide mogelijkheden, bedieningscomfort en innovatie, aan een werkelijk grensverleggende weergave weet te koppelen.

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Par Michel Forbes, MAG@ZINE TED, Mai 2017

La réputation mondiale des compagnies suisses dans le domaine de l’audio n’est plus à faire. Les marques telles Nagra, Revox, Goldmund, Jean Maurer, FM Acoustics et autres évoquent à elles seules la précision ainsi qu’une certaine forme de prestige. Le NADAC de Merging Technologies ne fait pas exception. Son design industriel soigné est directement inspiré des appareils offerts dans le domaine professionnel de l’enregistrement audionumérique. L’acronyme NADAC se décortique ainsi Network Attached Digital to Analog Converter. C’est justement l’utilisation de la réseautique qui différencie, à priori, le NADAC de ses compétiteurs. Vous avez bien compris, nous ne retrouvons aucune connectivité USB sur ce DAC. Vous êtes intrigué ? La lecture de cet article vous éclairera sur ce convertisseur hors du commun.

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ステレオサウンド No.201 2017年 WINTER
by Stereo Sound Japan, 2017 January

Merging is very proud to announce that MERGING+NADAC has once again been elected as Best D/A and Best Buy Product #1 in the Japanese magazine StereoSound No 201 Grand Prix 2016-2017. As a reminder MERGING+NADAC was the winner of last year’s Grand Prix for Best D/A.

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Meet And Greet With Maurice Engler - Merging Technologies
by Hifi Hunt, 2017 January

Modi Digital, the distributors for Merging Technologies in India, arranged for a meet and greet with Maurice Engler - Project Manager/Training Expert, Merging Technologies at Lakozy Mumbai, to showcase their network attached digital to analogue converter (NADAC) Model MC-8 and also provide a glimpse of the company background.

The Merging NADAC was hooked up with PSB T3 Speakers & NAD Master Series Power Amplifier, connected with Supra Cabling. The Merging NADAC basically come in Pro Audio & Home Audio Avatar's. Both versions are offered in 2 Channel & 8 Channel Options. Merging Technologies has also worked extensively with Roon Labs, to provide a player that seamlessly integrates with the NADAC.

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HiFi Hunt - Jan 2017

High End Swiss 2016
Den allerbesten Sound auf der diesjährigen High End Swiss bot zweifellos die Installation von Merging Nadac und Philharmonia Audio.

by FIDELITY Magazin, 2016 October

Den allerbesten Sound auf der diesjährigen High End Swiss bot zweifellos die Installation von Merging Nadac und Philharmonia Audio. Für schlanke 40000 Euro pro Paar gab’s ein Pärchen Aktivmonitore im massiven, wohlgeformten Multiplexgehäuse, das sogar im akustisch eher schwierigen Konferenzraum eine klanglich hervorragende Figur machte. Dieser highfidele Tonstudio-Ableger aus Frankreich war definitiv das Klang-Highlight der High End Swiss 2016, wie selbst ein paar Mitbewerber neidlos zugeben mussten. Bravourös!

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FIDELITY Magazin - Oct 2016

Merging Technologies NADAC
Merging Technologies' NADAC allows you to experience the true richness and depth of sound.

by AudioTechnique Magazine, 2016 September

Translated abstract from the article:

The expression of sound is different between professional and HiFi audio equipment. The professional equipment pursues sound accuracy while HiFi emphasizes a multi-layered and deep experience for the enjoyment of sound. Based on this concept, audiophiles prefer HiFi equipment as professional equipment do not completely capture their needs. However, the NADAC leverages its professional background to provide both accuracy and a layered experience, and I believe it will change audiophile preferences.

“During one of our demonstrations, I presented a music file created from a vinyl using Merging's analog to digital system. When the music began to play, audiophiles in attendance were amazed at the rich multilayered sound in the air. They felt as though they were listening to one of the finest quality vinyls. Based on our experiences, we are confident that NADAC has the ability to convey recording studio quality audio at home, even after decoding.

If you have not heard the sound that comes from the NADAC yet, please attend a demonstration and listen to the difference yourself!”

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Merging NADAC
DXD og DSD-afspillende, netværksforbundet DAC i referenceklassen med vanvittig hovedtelefondel

by Kim Olsen – Nerds.dk

Der er mange DACs og mange formater på markedet, men nogle tager tingene lidt længere ud end andre. Det nyeste digitale forbruger format hedder DXD, men hvad er det, og hvad skal det bruges til når vi allerede har fået DSD?

“Dette er p.t. den bedste DAC der er lagt øre til på matriklen, og den er hver en krone værd - uanset at prisskiltet ikke er for alle.”

“This is best DAC we have ever auditioned and it is worth every penny - even if the price tag might not suit everyone.”

Kim Olsen – Nerds.dk
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Merging Technology NADAC
Direttamente dagli studi di registrazione un intrigante DAC professionale.

by Giulio Salvioni - Audio Club

“I installed the NADAC in my set up using the Merging Emotion player, with Windows7. The Swiss DAC passed the first tests with flying colours by working flawlessly and showing from the very beginning a peculiarity which, in my opinion, constitutes one of the best prerogatives: silence. I guess it is due to the Ethernet connection. Obviously I do not mean the silence level which you can also reach with a good USB connection. I am talking about an absolute black on which the sounds are focused like silhouettes on the background. Another peculiarity of this DAC is its unusual speed and dynamics. Additionally, this NADAC is a powerful critic in the case of a lousy recording, detecting all the deficiencies precisely.

Switching to DSD with the NADAC moves it to another level and reveals the absolute excellence of its playback quality.

Merging Technologies’ NADAC is a distinctive device compared with existing DACs, thanks to its innovative technical solution; introducing networking into domestic audio. In conclusion the performance of this DAC is excellent, particularly if using high resolution files in DSD format with the Emotion player. Taking into consideration the above, its price, below EURO 10’000 seems to me to be in a very good relationship with the quality of this professional DAC.”

Giulio Salvioni – Audio Club
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Merging Technologies NADAC DAC
by Audio Esoterica

In yet another inroad from the Pro studio arena into the audiophile/enthusiast space, Switzerland’s Merging Technologies’ NADAC (network adaptable digital-to-analogue converter) has plans to disrupt the status quo of the established consumer high-end digital specialists. And, as if to rub further salt into the wounds of the competitionat consumer level, the NADAC’s in-built Merging Technologies-developed Pro credentialled Ravenna Ethernet network protocol allows connectivity (via standard RJ45-terminated Cat5e/6 cable) to a LAN and music server environmentwithout the cable length limitations and other potential issues related to ye ole’USB. Ethernet connectivity allows digital information to be sent across from the server (or dedicated computer source) to the NADAC in data packets transferred at gigabit speeds allowing extremely precise error correction while reducing jitter to claimed unprecedentedly-low levels (can you hear the competition shouting: ‘Why didn’t we do that?’)

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Audio Esoterica Magazine

Merging NADAC ST-2 Digital-to-Analog Converter
by Jeff Fritz, SoundStage! Network

“In fact, the NADAC did wonders with this track: Podger’s instrument sounded like no mere facsimile of a violin. Instead, the sounds of the strings were so tangible that I felt I could reach out and wrap my hand around them. The highest frequencies were delicately rendered and sounded completely natural -- the antithesis of early digital. There were no hard edges, no overly crisp transients -- just beautiful sound.”

“The sense of space around the singers, the extreme depth of soundfield, and the tonally meaty voices made this track super-enjoyable through the NADAC ST-2.”

“If you’re getting the sense that the NADAC was easy to listen to, you’re right.”

“Those qualities -- solidity of images, density of tonal colors -- were present in all the music I played through the NADAC.”

“In terms of features, the NADAC is a next-generation device, replacing the USB connection that has become the standard way to connect a DAC to a computer system. Instead, the NADAC’s Ethernet port, implemented in conjunction with an industry-standard software protocol (Ravenna), delivers network capability so that the NADAC can access music from a variety of computer-derived sources throughout the user’s home. This functionality should easily become the new standard; I think it will replace USB as the de facto method for connecting computer devices to an audio system. It works great.”

Jeff Fritz – SoundStage! Network
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Merging NADAC wins Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2015 for Best DAC
by stereosound.co.jp

The results were announced in December in Issue 197. This edition also contains a review of the Merging NADAC by Takahito Miura, one of Japan’s most respected audiophile reviewers.

Some key comments have been translated from the review and are reproduced here.

“This immediately made me sit forward on my chair. Even taking into account the fact that we were using an excellent demonstration system, the singer’s voice was reproduced with great clarity, in an especially solid, three-dimensional form between the loudspeakers.”

“I was taken aback by how natural the applause, whistling and other audience sounds were reproduced. The clarity and detail was as though the NADAC was being used with an external clock – although none was actually connected.”

“As I expected, on the 11.2MHz DSD, the naturalness of the sound space, the vividness of the vocal and the pureness of the guitar’s timbre were exceptional, but more than that I was most impressed by how clearly I could hear each element of the music.”

“On the Jennifer Warnes track, First We Take Manhattan, which I am very familiar with, the rhythm section was incisive and tight and it was a performance with a real sense of speed, so much so that I became lost in the music.”

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挖掘音乐中的细节 Merging Technology NADAC
by hdavchina.com

回想起来,我之所以有幸认识Merging Technology,是因为AndreKoch(DSD核心技术拥有者之一)曾跟我提及过关于Pyramix数字工作站的事情。Pyramix正是Merging Technology与Philips合作下的产物,配合Merging Technology的AD/DA转换器能实现DSD的录音和编辑工作,而且可支持DSD256(1bit/11.2MHz)和DXD(PCM 24bit/384kHz)的数字音频规格,是目前业界的最高规格。我翻查过自己近年来购买的SACD和蓝光音乐碟的录音信息才发现它们很多都是采用Pyramix工作站和Merging Technology AD/DA转换器制作而成。而对于MergingTechnology推出民用级NADAC的消息我很早就了解到了,他们的目的就是希望用家能通过NADAC来得到等同于录音后期制作室的声音效果。但万万都想不到,NADAC进入中国市场的速度比我预料的要快。出于个人对音响的爱好,我找到了NADAC中国区的代理商,并借了一台回家试听。

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Hifi+ EQUIPMENT REVIEW - Merging NADAC digital converter
by Alan Sircom, Hifi+

Merging might not be one of those names that trips off the audiophile tongue, but if you scratch the surface, this Swiss company has one heck of a pedigree. The company is extremely well known in the high-end pro audio world and Merging's Pyramix Virtual Studio suite is the gold standard in album publishing and mastering. Let's put it this way; unless your music collecting came to an abrupt end a few years ago, the chances are some of your best-loved recent albums were recorded or mastered using Merging's Digital Audio Workstations.
Perhaps more relevant given the NADAC tested here, the best studios around the globe often feature Merging's Horus or Hapi 'analogue sections' - robust, network-enabled multichannel DACs, designed for optimal conversion in monitoring and analogue applications in the sort of studios where they bandy around terms like 'mission critical'.

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MERGING+NADAC front and rear

Impressions: The Merging Technology NADAC MC-8 DSD DAC
By David Robinson, positive-feedback.com

Product launches happen all the time in fine audio. We have well over 300 DSD DACs now, for example, new turntables and cartridges all the time, with amps, preamps, integrateds, headphones, wireless speakers, cables, accessories, music servers, NAS/hard-drive arrays, and speakers spilling forth continuously. It seems like nearly every day I get new press releases from high-end audio companies announcing new designs, or updates to older products.
Then again, once in a blue moon, we get something new. A design that's so different, with qualities or combinations of qualities that are so notable, that we get a bit... or a lot... of a paradigm bump.

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Audiophile Magazine: Merging Technologies NADAC
By Joél Chevassus, www.audiophile-magazine.com

Merging Technologies est un spécialiste du matériel d'enregistrement professionnel numérique haute résolution. Les origines de cette entreprise remontent au début des années 1990 en Suisse où Claude Cellier, ingénieur en électronique diplômé de l'Institut de Technologie de Lausanne, fonda dans la ville de Chexbres ce qui devait devenir quelques années plus tard une des références incontournables du matériel d'enregistrement audio professionnel. Claude Cellier avait préalablement travaillé chez Nagra pendant une dizaine d'année, autant dire qu'il n'était pas novice en matiére de matériel d'enregistrement professionnel.

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Latest News

MERGING+NADAC @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

MERGING+NADAC @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

MERGING+NADAC will be on show in room 1025 at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver on October 2nd to 4th.

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Merging Technologies' MERGING+NADAC distribution for North America

Merging Technologies' MERGING+NADAC distribution for North America

On a Higher Note, LLC has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of USA and Canada for Merging Technologies' new MERGING+NADAC products.

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MERGING+NADAC will be on show on Kimber Kable booth in CE Week 2015 in New York City on June 24th and 25th.

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MERGING+NADAC @ THE Show Newport 2015

MERGING+NADAC @ THE Show Newport 2015

MERGING+NADAC will be on show in the Boardroom/Thinktank and in Room 441 at T.H.E Show, Newport from 29-31 May.

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MERGING+NADAC Launches In Munich

MERGING+NADAC Launches In Munich

Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies will launch their audiophile D/A converter, MERGING+NADAC, at the High End Show, Hall 3 on stand J05/K08 in Munich on May 14.

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High End 2017 - Merging Technologies Nadac, Nadac Player et Power

Présentation des produits et du savoir-faire de la marque helvétique

Voir la video

MERGING+NADAC - Networked Attached D.A.C.

Audio for the Networking Age from Merging Technologies.

Watch video

Merging at Kal Rubinson's

As the Merging team was attending the AES convention in New York in October 2015, an informal meeting was organized with Kal Rubinson who had just received his NADAC for review.

Watch video

Reviewers View, RMAF 2015, The top reviewers review RMAF, Breuninger, Astor and Robinson

Three top reviewers in the USA pick both MERGING-NADAC rooms for special praise.

Watch video

Home Theater Geeks 261: Live from CE Week 2015

Interview of Dominique Brulhart, head software engineer at Merging Technologies

Watch video

Reviewers View, DSD vs. MQA, David Robinson, Peter Breuninger, THE Show Newport Pt 1

Watch David Robinson and Peter Breuninger reviewing MERGING+NADAC.

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Video of MERGING+NADAC Launch in Munich

Watch a video about our new product MERGING+NADAC.

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Online Articles

Merging Technologies Announce Partnership With Roon

By hifipig.com - May 2nd 2016

Merging Technologies have said they are proud to announce that the result of a new partnership with Roon Labs will be on display on stand 3-L10/M07 and in the Special Sound Demonstration in Konferenzraum K1B at the HIGH END show in Munich.... Read more

Merging Technologies demo NADAC with Roon Ready, Core

By John H. Darko - May 11th 2016

A year is very long time in digital audio. When Swiss company Merging Technologies – they of Pyramix studio consoles – launched the NADAC (“Network Attached DAC”) in early 2015, its Ethernet input and RAVENNA transmission protocol combo promised asynchron... Read more

Music in the Round #77 - Merging Technologies NADAC Multichannel-8 DAC

By Kalman Rubinson - March 7th 2016

For some years now, the Swiss company Merging Technologies has been at the fore of high-resolution technologies for recording studios. Their digital-audio workstation (DAW) software, such as the Pyramix Virtual Studio and Ovation Media Sequencer, are ... Read more

Merging Technologies NADAC

By Joël Chevassus - Décembre 2015

Merging Technologies est un spécialiste du matériel d'enregistrement professionnel numérique haute résolution. Les origines de cette entreprise remontent au début des années 1990 en Suisse où Claude Cellier, ingénieur en électronique diplômé de l'Institut... Read more


By u-audio.com.tw - December 1st 2015

很少參加一個「事前完全不知情」的產品發表會,代理商和申達在NADAC正式發表之前,卻是連品牌都沒有透露,更不知道究竟要發表什麼產品。當我在此間代理商的辦公室看到Merging Fidelity的名片時,這才嚇了一跳,原來錄音室知名的Merging Technologies正式把專業轉入家用,推出第一部器材NADAC,而和申達同時取得Merging Technology的專業與家用產品代理權。為了打響NADAC在台灣的第一炮,Merging Technology軟體設計總監Dominique Brulhar... Read more

Merging Technologies NADAC產品發表會

By audionet.com.tw - November 27th 2015

數位流當道,現在的市場已經正式進入規格戰,對應的數位音樂格式上看DSD不稀奇,4倍DSD格式的器材也都率續推出市場。但是你曾經想過在追尋最高規格滿足的同時,這些器材真的能達到最高音質的音樂感受嗎?今天下午筆者參加的是和申達最新代理瑞士品牌Merging Technologies 的NADAC數位流數位類比轉換器。... Read more

和申達取得瑞士Merging Technologies代理權

By Ted Chen - November 27th 2015

台灣代理商和申達宣佈取得瑞士Merging Technologies代理權。Merging Technologies是在1990年由Claude Cellier先生所創辦,至今已有25年的時間,專攻領域為數位處理,在DSD、DXD以及A/D、D/A轉換技術都有很深的研究和成果,在專業領域已是無人不曉。Claude Cellier先生早年曾在Nagra任職,著名的磁帶錄音機Nagra T便是他一同參與設計研發。Merging Technologies在專業錄音室、音樂廳的軟硬體建置為其強項,讓數位器材盡可能... Read more

RMAF 2015 page 2

By Clement Perry - October 2015

"There was also lots of buzz surrounding the new (PCM, Quad-DSD and DXD format capable) Merging Technologies NADAC…” ... Read more

Reviews & Testimonials: Rock Mountain Audio Fest 2015

By David William Robinson - October 2015

Gadzooks! Bushwhacked by the Merging Technologies/German Physiks/Ayre Acoustics/Purist Audio Design/Star Sound Sistrum room!... Read more

33 Two-Channel Audio Discoveries From RMAF 2015, page 4

By Chris Martens - October 19th 2015

" Quite frankly, I felt the German Physics/Merging Technology/Ayre system was one of the two or three best I heard at RMAF; the sound quality was simply breathtaking.” ... Read more

33 Two-Channel Audio Discoveries From RMAF 2015, page 7

By Chris Martens - October 19th 2015

"Based on a brief but extremely compelling listen, I was struck by the NADAC’s extraordinarily vibrant, lucid, transparent, and highly three-dimensional presentation. Watch for an upcoming review of the NADAC in Hi-Fi+.” ... Read more

2015 RMAF Show Report - In Other News

By Greg Weaver - October 13th 2015

The result was a remarkably coherent sound with an enormous yet very well focused sound field.... Read more

Jason's Adventures Continue on Day 2

By Jason Victor Serinus - October 8th 2015

In fact, the presentation was so superb in every respect that I felt as though I was hearing the track for the first time. (Certainly I had never heard the ensemble's voices so perfectly delineated, yet not in the least bit etched.)... Read more

RMAF 2015 Recap

By The Computer Audiophile - October 7th 2015

Again, great sound quality and an experience to remember. ... Read more

RMAF 2015 Day 3

By Patrick Dillon - October 4th 2015

What did live up to memory was the German Physiks/Ayre/Merging Technologies room. Now I hogged the sweet spot and enjoyed another listen to that special violin recording they used. Magic. (Patrick Dillon, HiFi’Zine)... Read more

Impressions: The Merging Technology NADAC MC-8 DSD DAC

By David W. Robinson - August 23rd 2015

Product launches happen all the time in fine audio. We have well over 300 DSD DACs now, for example, new turntables and cartridges all the time, with amps, preamps, integrateds, headphones, wireless speakers, cables, accessories, music servers, NAS/hard-d... Read more

DSD and Analog: The Great Convergence

By Brian Moura - June 18th 2015

The recent edition of THE Show Newport was held at the Hotel Irvine and featured not only a host of audio exhibits and demonstrations, but also a series of seminars titled “Audio University”. One of these sessions focused on the similarities between Singl... Read more

Merging's Ethernet NADAC impresses at Munich High-End 2015

By John H. Darko - 22 May 2015

Merging Technologies have been pro-audio operators for some time - they make the Pyramix workstations found in recording studios - but this year sees the Swiss company edging into the home audio space. Their NADAC’s main point of difference is a biggie: i... Read more

Day 3: High End 2015 Hits Its Stride

By Jason Victor Serinus - 22 May 2015

Many European audiophiles must have decided to take advantage of the three-day holiday weekend and avoid Saturday's crowds, because Saturday's show attendance, while still huge, was actually lower than Friday's. Then again, the decision to avoid Saturday ... Read more

Merging Technologies Launches NADAC DAC

By Untra High End Staff - 27 May 2015

Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies will launch their audiophile D/A converter, NADAC, at the High End Show in Munich on May 14. They will be in Hall 3 on stand J05/K08. Merging Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-resolution digit... Read more

Merging Technologies’ NADAC

By Hifi Pig Staff - 27 May 2015

Fresh from a launch at the High End Show in Munich, Merging’s audiophile D/A converter, NADAC, will be on show in the Boardroom/Thinktank and in Room 441 at T.H.E Show, Newport Merging_Techfrom 29-31 May. Merging’s NADAC product manager, Dominique Brulha... Read more

A visit to Merging Technologies

By Srajan Ebaen - April 2015

Little did I know that our freeway exit marked Chexbres hides a famous audio company. It's just past the roundabout off Route de Chardonne. We take it whenever we head west towards Lausanne or Geneva. As such, Merging Technologies SA in Puidoux turned out... Read more

NADAC attack

By The Ear staff - May 6th 2015

Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies will launch their audiophile D/A converter, NADAC, at the High End Show in Munich. Merging Technologies manufactures high-resolution digital audio recording and editing systems including products that process PCM fo... Read more

Merging Technologies Innovative Network Attached DAC Introduced in Europe and US

By Joao Martins - May 25, 2015

Fresh from an historic launch at the High End Show in Munich, Merging’s revolutionary audiophile D/A converter, NADAC, will now be introduced at T.H.E. Show Newport, in the US. High End enthusiasts will be able to experience the full advantage of Merging’... Read more

THE Show: Day One Discoveries

By Jason Victor Serinus - Jun 1, 2015

In the lobby of the Hotel Irvine, Meryl Jane was not only showing her paintings of famous audiophile-approved artists, but also extremely eager to have her picture snapped in their midst. By all laws known to God, human, and those strange outlaw beings kn... Read more

New DAC from Merging Technologies for Home Audio Market

By multiple users, Bruce A. Brown's forum - Jun 1, 2015

Heard this new NADAC for the first time in a "decent" system over the weekend at Philip O Hanlon's lair. I've very familiar with the house sound of Merging as having used their equipment for the past decade. To say this unit impressed is an understatement... Read more

Multichannel Music in Santa Monica

By Stereophile Staff - 25 May 2015

This coming Tuesday, May 26, The Audio Salon will host a special Multichannel Music Event with Dominique Brulhart from Merging Technologies... Read more

Merging brings RAVENNA into the home with NADAC

By Matthew Fellows - 14 May 2015

Derived from their Horus and Hapi family of RAVENNA-enabled networked audio interfaces, Merging Technologies has branched into the consumer market with the launch of their D/A converter, NADAC.... Read more

Merging Technologies introduces NADAC, Network Attached DAC

By audioXpress Staff - 06 May 2015

Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies confirms its new high-quality consumer D/A converter, NADAC, will be introduced at the High End Show in Munich on May 14, 2015. Following its success with the Horus and Hapi networked audio interfaces for profession... Read more

Merging Technologies launches RAVENNA D-A converter for residential market

By Duncan Proctor - 13 May 2015

Merging Technologies has announced the launch of its high-end digital to analogue converter, NADAC, which the company claims is the world’s first Network Attached digital-to-analogue converter. The NADAC is derived from the Horus and Hapi family of RAVENN... Read more

Convertisseurs N/A Merging Technologies NADAC

By Banshee in Avalon - 13 May 2015

Le NADAC vient compléter l’offre d’interfaces audio Merging Technologies Horus et Hapi utilisant le protocole réseau Ravenna. Le fabricant explique qu’il a préféré ce standard au Gigabit Ethernet car, en plus d’être ouvert, compatible AES67, il offre de m... Read more

Merging Technologies launches their fully RAVENNA-enabled NADAC, the world’s first Network Attached DAC

By ziogorgio.com - 13 May 2015

Derived from their highly successful Horus and Hapi family of RAVENNA-enabled networked audio interfaces, Merging Technologies has taken their expertise into the consumer market with the launch of their revolutionary high-end audiophile D/A converter, NAD... Read more

Merging Technologies enters consumer market

By Jim Evans - 14 May 2015

Derived from their successful Horus and Hapi family of RAVENNA-enabled networked audio interfaces, Merging Technologies has taken their expertise into the consumer market with the launch of their high-end audiophile D/A converter, NADAC.... Read more

Merging Technologies NADAC: сетевой ЦАП c технологией передачи аудио Ravenna

By stereo.ru - 06 May 2015

Швейцарский производитель аудиотехники Merging Technologies привезет на выставку High End Show 2015 (Мюнхен, 14-17 мая) аудиофильский ЦАП NADAC (Network Attached DAC). Компания собирается выпускать модель в двух версиях — стерео и на 8 каналов. Основой дл... Read more

Merging Technologies NADAC

By Dmitry Popov - 15 May 2015

Анонсированы цифро-аналоговые преобразователи, поддерживающие частоты дискретизации до 384 кГц и формат DSD256, а также имеющие сетевой интерфейс Ravenna: двухканальный NADAC Stereo, восьмиканальный NADAC Multichannel-8 и 16-канальный NADAC Multichannel-1... Read more

Music in the Round #72

By Kal Rubinson - 30 april 2015

I spent most of my time at the January 2015 Consumer Electronics Show exploring amps and preamps for Stereophile's on-line coverage of the show, but there were a few items of interest to fans of multichannel. There were demonstrations of Dolby Atmos, Auro... Read more


By Positive Feedback Online - 04 May 2015

Very important news on the DSD front: Merging Technologies has officially activated their Web site for their new NADAC stereo and eight-channel DACs that handle DSD (out to Quad DSD), DXD, and PCM to 384kHz.... Read more

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